Mission and Vision Carter School of Excellence

We are an exceptional community committed to inspiring students at Carter School of Excellence to develop creativity, curiosity and critical thinking skills. We strive to prepare our students academically and socially to thrive in an ever expanding global society. With integrity, students will push beyond their known limits to become trailblazers within their generation and generations to come. We will establish trust among students, families, staff and community partners. All children at Carter School of Excellence will receive equal access to opportunities for success.

Pre K-8

Carter School of Excellence

5740 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637

Enrollment: 360
A Level 1 CPS Neighborhood School

Principal's Message


Greetings and Welcome to Carter

Carter School of Excellence houses a community of learners who cultivate academic, social and personal excellence. From classroom to community, we engage in learning experiences that are ambitious, authentic and inquiry based. We are empowered with strategies to advocate with compassion and empathy so all feel confident to take risks and increase their resiliency and grit.

Carmel Perkins-Barrett, Principal


Our Growth In

Steady, positive improvements in academic achievement, student engagement, and parent satisfaction are hallmarks of all AUSL-managed CPS schools. You will find reports for Carter School of Excellence to the right.

Our History

Building on Our History to
Create a Culture of Excellence


Carter School of Excellence is named in honor of William W. Carter (1849-1906). Carter was a former principal of the Englewood High School and Superintendent of Schools in Englewood. After graduating from Harvard University in 1872, he was offered the position of principal of the Englewood High School at the age of 23. In 1886 he became a partner in the real estate business of his father-in-law, Henry B. Lewis, and remained active in educational matters.

Photo: Harvard University Archives, HUP Carter, William W. (1)

Carter School of Excellence opened in its current location in 1913 and originally contained 20 classrooms, a swimming pool, and gymnasium. 

The building replaced an old building located at 61st and Wabash and its many annexes that dated back to 1885.

A 12-room addition opened in 1949.

The building was renovated in 1995 and a new play lot was installed in 2002. Today the building contains 32 classrooms and serves 365 students.


AUSL (Academy for Urban School Leadership) is a Chicago nonprofit school management organization that creates schools of excellence by developing highly effective teachers and transforming educational outcomes for students in the lowest performing schools.

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) turned over management of Carter School of Excellence to AUSL in 2013 as a turnaround school. Turning around a school is one approach that CPS uses to improve neighborhood schools that have been failing for many years. The transformation begins with the new leadership and teachers in the building to deliver effective instruction and the right climate and culture to the same neighborhood students.

AUSL is committed to to providing all AUSL students with a quality education to prepare them for college and career.

Staff List

Questions for Our Staff?

If you have any questions, the Carter School of Excellence staff will be happy to assist you.

Phone: (773) 535-0860

Fax: (773) 535-0698


Carmel Perkins
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Mauricia Estes
Assistant Principal
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Allison Ringhand
Math Coach
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Justine Adeboyejo
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Stephanie Bromer
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Courtney Carani
1st Grade - Math and Science
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Katherine Irving-Green
1st Grade - Literacy and SS
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Kyle Rence
2nd Grade - Math and Science
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Megan Mac
2nd Grade - Literacy and SS
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Traci Telander
Intermediate - Math and Science
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Danielle Volta
Intermediate - Literacy and SS / Literacy Coach
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Elizabeth Mason
Intermediate - Literacy and SS
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Lindsey Davis
Intermediate- Math and Science
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James Tieken
5th Grade - Literacy and SS
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Keith Fant
Middle School (6/7) Math
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Christopher Bruggeman
Middle School (7/8) Math
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Kevin Graham
Middle School Literacy and SS
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Danielle Kahler
Middle School Literacy and SS
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Danielle Dummel
Physical Education
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Carmen Washington-Marseille
Performing Arts
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Victoria Lorch
Primary Diverse Learners
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Kelley O'Connor
Intermediate Diverse Learners/Case Manager
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Support Staff

Crystal Martin
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Catherine Gault
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Monique Grady
ELA MTSS Technology
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Lisa Taylor
Math MTSS Technology
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LaTonya Monroe
Intermediate SECA
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Toi Wise
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Benja Somyoo
Security Supervisor
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William Owens
Board Funded Safety & Security
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Edward Bias
Safety & Security
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DeCarlo McNeail
Safety & Security
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Yeddiah Rueben
Lunch/Recess & Instructional Supports
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